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The trailblazing rock duo Emily Muff was co-founded by two, American young women (Kathy Bushnell and her friend Janet) in London, 1968. It toured extensively throughout Great Britain and was the First Female Rock Duo in the history of British Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Janet and Kathy wrote and performed original songs using a variety of instruments, including two Fender Telecaster electric guitars, a 12-String Rickenbacker, portable electronic keyboards, various Hohner blues harmonicas, and flute.

Their pioneer chick rock duo toured as opening act for the band Family (who provided management/representation, and gave it the name Emily Muff). It also opened concerts for Quintessence throughout Britain. Both Reprise and Liberty/UA record labels offered recording contracts to Kathy and Janet’s groundbreaking duo.

When rock notables including the Nice, Yes, the Move, Steppenwolf, and Van Der Graaf Generator were booked on the same bill as Family, Emily Muff would often be the opening act for these concerts, too. This female rock duo was also billed on the same show as the band America, and sang on a Mighty Baby album. Janet and Kathy’s duo performed on BBC Wales-TV in The Meic Stevens Christmas Special, and also appeared with the rock band Family on BBC London-TV. 

Kathy and Janet’s trailblazing female rock duo made its final concert appearance on the same bill as the band Quintessence, performing to a sold-out crowd at London’s Royal Albert Hall on December 20, 1971.

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